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We developed two tools previously called ISG and DWL and ISG is for generating information systems and DWL is for generating web systems. We have used ISG and DWL to develop a customized web-based system for the 7<sup>th</sup> Ubiquitous-Home Conference UHC2013 and other web-based systems. The advantage of these web-based systems is that it uses object(More)
We developed a new customized software tool for automatically generating a complete Java program based on the values or parameters inputted by the user. We call it an efficient Information System Generator or ISG. The advantage of this tool is that it uses object serialization mechanism to fill objects with data, which saves CPU execution time. The(More)
We previously developed tools called ISG (for generating information systems) and DWL (for generating web-based systems). DWL is a tool for developing customized web-based systems that can be used by companies. It also provides developmental support after the initial system has been developed for incorporating new products or for making changes to the(More)
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