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BACKGROUND Mammalian forkhead members of the class O (FOXO) transcription factors, including FOXO1, FOXO3a, and FOXO4, are implicated in the regulation of several biological processes, including the stress resistance, metabolism, cell cycle, apoptosis and DNA repair. The objectives of this study were to examine the molecular mechanisms by which FOXO(More)
BACKGROUND The forkhead transcription factors of the O class (FOXO) play a direct role in cellular proliferation, oxidative stress response, and tumorigenesis. The objectives of this study were to examine whether FOXOs regulate antitumor activities of resveratrol in pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Pancreatic(More)
This study empirically examines the Influence of the Cognitive, Affective, Conative and Action Loyalty states as conceptualized by Oliver (1999) on the Word-of-mouth behavior about retail websites from the customers of the sites. Structural equation model is used to estimate the path coefficients between the loyalty states and the Word-of-Mouth-behavior.(More)
Sealed-Bid auction is an efficient and rational method to establish the price in open market. However sealed-bid auctions are subject to bid-rigging attack. Receipt-free mechanisms were proposed to prevent bid-rigging. The prior receipt-free mechanisms are based on two assumptions; firstly, existence of untappable channel between bidders and auction(More)
With the rapid penetration of Internet in India and the increasing usage of the Internet for commercial purposes makes it imperative to understand and identify the factors which affects the attitude of consumers towards the adoption of Internet as an alternate channel for online reservations in case of Indian online travel industry. In this study we have(More)
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