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The primary task of association rule mining is to detect frequently co-occurring groups of items in transactional databases. The intention is to use this knowledge for prediction purposes. So many researches has focused mainly on how to expedite the search for frequently co-occurring groups of items in "shopping cart" and less attention has been paid to the(More)
Popularity of cloud computing is increasing day by day in distributed computing environment. There is a growing trend of using cloud environments for storage and data processing needs. Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand. However, adopting a(More)
— With the exponential increase in the use of cooling device, the air conditioning systems are becoming an essential part of our day to day life. Data suggest an exponential rise in the use of air conditioners in urban as well as rural India. With the increase in the usage of air conditioners, there is a simultaneous increase in the electrical power(More)
The proliferation of mobile computing and cloud services is driving a revolutionary change in today's information society. We are moving into the Ubiquitous computing age in which a user utilizes, at the same time, several electronic platforms through which one can access all the required information whenever and wherever needed. Mobile users can use their(More)
With the growth Internet development cloud computing is novel technique to serve better and secure services. E-business is growing rapidly with the development of Internet. The cloud computing provides on demand self service methodology that authorizes users to request resources dynamically as a best benefit. The use of Cloud Computing is ahead reputation(More)
Test Management is the process of managing the software test life cycle (STLC) of the application under test (AUT). It starts with test planning activity and ends with test results reporting. The objectives of test management are to manage requirements dynamically, effectively utilize the 'testing cycle' time and efficient use of testers in terms of their(More)
— Despite of an increased global effort to end breast cancer, it continues to be most common cancer deaths in women. This problem reminds that new therapeutic approaches are desperately needed to improve patient survival rate. This requires proper diagnosis of disease and classification of tumor type based on genomic information according to which proper(More)
The performance of neural network as a classifier depends on several factors such as initialization of weights, its architecture, between class imbalance in the dataset, activation function etc. Though a three layered neural network is able to approximate any non-linear function, number of neurons in the hidden layer plays a significant roll in the(More)
— Wireless sensor network is an emerging technology that enables remote monitoring objects and environment. Object tracking is an important wireless sensor networks. Single sensor system cannot provide satisfactory accuracy or reliability as a result of which a system deploys multiple sensors in a particular scenario. To handle uncertain, incomplete and(More)
Use of technology for data collection and analysis has seen an unprecedented growth in the last couple of decades. Individuals and organizations generate huge amount of data through everyday activities. This data is either centralized for pattern identification or mined in a distributed fashion for efficient knowledge discovery and collaborative(More)