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This paper presents a control algorithm for pneumatic artificial muscles on bicep configuration. Due to the characteristics such as lower power to weight ratios, high strength and lightweight and easiness of employment, pneumatic artificial muscles have become more attractive actuators for robotics applications. The dynamics equations for bicep(More)
An experimental study was conducted to investigate the structural stability of ethylene glycol-based titanium dioxide nanoparticle suspensions (nanofluids) prepared by two-step method. The effects of particle concentration, fluid temperature, shear rate and shear duration were examined. Particle size and thermal conductivity measurements in quiescent state(More)
This article reports a recent study on the application of a two-phase closed thermosyphon (TPCT) in a thermosyphon for economizer (TPEC). The TPEC had three sections of equal size; the evaporator, the adiabatic section, and the condenser, of 250 mm × 250 mm × 250 mm (W × L × H). The TPCT was a steel tube of 12.7-mm ID. The filling ratios chosen to study(More)
This paper presents the most recent review of research articles and patents on thermal conductivity on nanofluids. Larger portion of literature accounts for experimental investigations, which is a sign of the preference for hands-on work by experimentalists. Metallic, non-metallic as well as ceramic nanoparticles of different sizes and shapes were suspended(More)
The objective of this research is to model a cascaded hydro power generating reservoir system in order to get the maximum usage of the stored hydro potential to generate electricity. In this study, two models have been developed. First model to schedule the generator loads and the second model to, predict the water levels of the ponds. Then, both models(More)
Hydro power is the major renewable energy contributor to the national grid in Sri Lanka amounting to 48% of the total installed capacity. Further expansion of hydropower however is limited due to environmental and resource constraints. Meanwhile the demand for electricity is estimated to rise at an annual rate of 8% - 10% prompting the need to find(More)
The current Operating System (OS) kernels calculate the load average value as a lump sum. Also the algorithm for the calculation of load average does not separate CPU load from Disk load. This leads to the presentation of an incorrect measurement when both disk bound tasks and CPU bound tasks run simultaneously. In this paper a new algorithm is proposed to(More)
The rheological behavior of nanofluids published in recent research papers and the relevant patents are reviewed in this article. Effects of various factors such as preparation, nanoparticle and base fluid properties, concentration, temperature, surface charge, and aggregation etc. on the rheological behavior of nanofluids are discussed. Brownian motion and(More)
Mean flows are known to play an important role in the dynamics of the Spiral Defect Chaos state and in the existence of the skew-varicose instability in Rayleigh–Bénard Convection. SDC only happens in large domains, so computations involving the full three-dimensional PDEs for convection are very time-consuming. We therefore explore the phenomena of Spiral(More)