Sanjeev Kumar Jain

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A case of chronic suppurative otitis media is described in a patient with a chronic cold and cough. The presenting symptoms were otorrhoea, perforation of the tympanic membrane and granulation in the air cells of the left mastoid cavity. X-ray showed sclerotic mastoid and partial cellular obliteration. Histologic sections revealed aggregated fungal masses,(More)
This paper calculates the mean duration of the postpartum amenorrhoea (PPA) and examines its demographic, and socioeconomic correlates in rural north India, using data collected through 'retrospective' (last but one child) as well as 'current status' (last child) reporting of the duration of PPA. The mean duration of PPA was higher in the current status(More)
We studied 109 patients who were subjected to dobutamine stress echocardiography (DSE) for preoperative cardiac risk assessment before undergoing elective primary hip and knee arthroplasty. Patients were selected for DSE based on several criteria. There were 16 patients with history of ischemic heart disease and 93 patients without. Seven of the 93 patients(More)
This paper presents the findings of a study conducted in India, which utilized both the retrospective reporting and the current status reporting of breast-feeding for studying the levels and differentials in the duration of breast-feeding. This study confirms the known differentials of the mean duration of breast-feeding with some explanatory variables and(More)
This paper presents an ultra low power ASIC design based on a new cardiovascular disease diagnostic algorithm. This new algorithm based on forward search is designed for real time ECG signal processing. The algorithm is evaluated for Physionet PTB database from the point of view of cardiovascular disease diagnosis. The failed detection rate of QRS complex(More)
A novel algorithm based on forward search is developed for real-time electrocardiogram (ECG) signal processing and implemented in application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for QRS complex related cardiovascular disease diagnosis. The authors have evaluated their algorithm using MIT-BIH database and achieve sensitivity of 99.86% and specificity of(More)
Sciatic nerve leaves the pelvis and enters the gluteal region below the piriformis muscle as single trunk. It has two components common peroneal nerve and the tibial nerve. The variable relationship of sciatic nerve with the piriformis muscle and its long course makes the nerve vulnerable to injury. We studied sciatic nerve variable relation in sixty lower(More)
A novel disease diagnostic algorithm for ECG signal processing based on forward search is implemented in Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) for cardiovascular disease diagnosis on smartphone. An ASIC is fabricated using 130-nm CMOS low leakage process technology. The area of our PQRST ASIC is 1.21 mm2. The energy dissipation of PQRST ASIC is 96(More)
5553 Background: Since inception goal of radiotherapy is to deliver high dose to tumor with maximum sparing of normal tissue with brachytherpy there is rapid fall of dose beyond implanted area, thus delivering high dose to target with sparing of surrounding normal tissue. In early stage node negative oral cavity cancer surgery and radiotherapy produces(More)