Sanjeev Harbansh Gupta

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BACKGROUND Numerous studies regarding the immediate loading of splinted implants retaining/supporting mandibular dentures have reported promising results, but studies comparing splinted and unsplinted attachments for supporting overdentures with immediate loading are limited. Scientific literature is sparse comparing various attachment systems and patient(More)
BACKGROUND Scaling and root planing is the basic treatment modality for periodontal disease. Mechanical treatment is limited by physical impediments and biochemical considerations. Antimicrobial agents may be used as an adjunct to overcome limitations of mechanical therapy. METHODS A case-control study was carried out on 30 patients suffering from chronic(More)
BACKGROUND The fabrication of dental prosthesis requires the transfer of interocclusal records from patient's mouth to semi-adjustable articulators using different kinds of recording media. Any inaccuracy in these interocclusal records leads to occlusal errors in the final prosthesis. This study was conducted to evaluate the dimensional changes occurring in(More)
Conservation of natural tooth structure precipitated the emergence of resin-retained fixed partial dentures. The weakest link in this modality is the bond between resin cement and alloy of the retainer. Various alloy surface treatment have been recommended to improve alloy-resin bond. This in vitro study was carried out to observe changes in the(More)
Rehabilitation of a patient with resection of palate is a real prosthodontic challenge. Abnormalities of the soft palate may be due to congenital, acquired or developmental defects. Defects are classified based on the anatomy and physiology of the supporting structures. Velopharyngeal (VP) dysfunction may occur either as insufficiency or incompetence. VP(More)
BACKGROUND Selection of appropriately sized maxillary anterior teeth is one of the important aspects of complete denture prosthodontics. In the past several methods have been proposed, but little consensus on an effective method for anterior teeth selection has been reached. Inner canthal distance is one of the reliable anatomic dimension that may provide a(More)
A perioral facial burn is usually accompanied by a reduction in size of the oral orifice because of the contraction of the healing wound. Perioral contracture leads to microstomia, restricting nutrition, speech, and jaw movements and impairing the esthetic appearance of the face. It is imperative to introduce splints as early as possible to prevent the(More)
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