Sanjeev D. Rao

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The occurrence of dipterous fly larvae in human is termed as human myiasis. Human myiasis can be classified based on clinical condition it causes like cutaneous myiasis, ocular myiasis, urogenital myiasis and intestinal myiasis. Based on the need for a particular host, myiasis can be divided as specific myiasis, semi-specific myiasis. Accidental myiasis(More)
The purpose of this review is to assess the most recent evidence in the management of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) and provide updated recommendations for its evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. A Medline search of "Hyperparathyroidism. Primary" was conducted and the literature with the highest levels of evidence were reviewed and used to formulate(More)
Dosha Dhatu Sammurchana is the basis of all pathogenisis. The state of Agni also should be considered in the pathogenisis. This will explain the disease at the cellular level in the parlances of Ayurveda. In cancer, enormous research is going on to understand the molecular and cellular level of Carcinogenisis, to formulate a cure for this disease. In(More)
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