Sanjeev D. Rao

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The occurrence of dipterous fly larvae in human is termed as human myiasis. Human myiasis can be classified based on clinical condition it causes like cutaneous myiasis, ocular myiasis, urogenital myiasis and intestinal myiasis. Based on the need for a particular host, myiasis can be divided as specific myiasis, semi-specific myiasis. Accidental myiasis(More)
Collaborative filtering methods like latent factor models have been used to predict ratings for an item by a user. However, the performance of latent factor models depends on a dense training dataset in which each user has made several reviews and each item has also received several reviews. In most practical applications, when a new item or a new user(More)
Attempted suicide due to overdose with toxic chemicals and medication is on the rise. Among the survivors of attempted suicide, the most frequent psychiatric diagnosis when analysed post hoc, seems to be reactive depression and personality disorders. We conducted a retrospective study of patients who attempted suicide by self poisoning in a teaching general(More)
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