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Expert knowledge consists of statements S j (facts and rules). The facts and rules are often only true with some probability. For example, if we are interested in oil, we should look at seismic data. If in 90% of the cases, the seismic data was indeed helpful in locating oil, then we can say that if we are interested in oil, then with probability 90% it is(More)
Methods of digital image compression have been the subject of research over the past decade. Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Wavelet Packet Transform (WPT) have emerged as a popular technique for image compression. This paper compares Compression Ratio, Energy Ratio, Mean Square Error, and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio at different Threshold values for(More)
Spinal hematoma is an infrequently described complication of spinal anaesthesia. It has been described in the literature in patients with a deranged coagulation profile in the form of systemic diseases (e.g. chronic renal failure, liver failure) or anticoagulant therapy. Whatever the reason, it will have disastrous consequences in the form of permanent(More)
Expert knowledge consists of statements S j (facts and rules). The expert's degree of confidence in each statement Sj can be described as a (subjective) probability (some probabilities are known to be independent). Examples: if we are interested in oil, we should look at seismic data (confidence 90%); a bank A trusts a client B, so if we trust A, we should(More)
In the traditional interval computations approach to handling uncertainty, we assume that we know the intervals x i of possible values of different parameters x i , and we assume that an arbitrary combination of these values is possible. In geometric terms, in the traditional interval computations approach, the set of possible combinations x = (x 1 ,. .. ,(More)
Image compression has become a necessary step for making better use of available storage requirements and transmission bandwidth during the past decades. For image compression it is desirable that the selection of transform should reduce the size of resultant data set as compared to source data set. For continuous and discrete time cases, wavelet transforms(More)
For image compression, the properties of wavelet transform like multiresolution representation, scalability, and progressive transmission plays a vital role. There is a significant quantity of information in audio, video and image signals that is irrelevant and need to be compressed. Image compression reduces the number of bits required to represent an(More)