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We propose two metrics to demonstrate the impact integrating human-computer interaction (HCI) activities in software engineering (SE) processes. User experience metric (UXM) is a product metric that measures the subjective and ephemeral notion of the user's experience with a product. Index of integration (IoI) is a process metric that measures how(More)
Human factors engineering methodology is important for design of complex systems, such as control rooms and distributed control systems. Available methodologies are however seldom adapted to industrial needs, which limits the use of the existing human factors engineering research base. In this paper we argue that human factors engineering methods have to be(More)
In this paper we have developed a vision based navigation and obstacle detection mechanism for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which can be used effectively in GPS denied regions as well as in regions where remote controlled UAV navigation is impossible thus making the UAV more versatile and fully autonomous. We used a fixed single onboard video camera on(More)
This paper presents a technique to optimize contour based template matching by using General Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU). Contour based template matching requires edge detection and searching for presence of a template in an entire image, real time implementation of which is not trivial. Using the proposed solution, we could(More)
Providing right information in right context always helps viewer gain better understanding of the context. In the industrial environment where Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems being used to monitor and control the complete network system by trained operators, primary goal of the operator is to ensure the safety of the personal and(More)
In this overview we describe how user experience research and design has been established in Tech Mahindra Ltd. (TechM), and how it is organised to support both short term development programs and long term research. While focusing on research activities at TechM, the challenges of assessing real user experience issues critical to business success, user(More)
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