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—This work represents hardware implementation of Lempel Ziv algorithm for lossless image compression. In this paper, hardware-based encoder and decoder have been used. In the proposed system Altera DE-I Board have been used for implementation of an image compression algorithm. The architecture of compression and decompression algorithm design has been(More)
Even though speech recognition is a broad subject, the commercial and personal use implementations are rare. Although some promising solutions are available for speech synthesis and recognition, most of them are tuned to English. The acoustic and language model for these systems are for English language. Most of them require a lot of configuration before(More)
In last few years human identification is very crucial area in security. Biometric recognition is the best solution over this. This consist of two types biometric systems: namely uni-biometric and multi-biometric systems. In the last eras uni-biotric systems are used for humanoid identification and security purpose. Now days the trends towards(More)
In recent years, image mining techniques enters and plays a vital role in various fields. Due to the rapid development in the information technology various techniques has been emerged to process and store these information, issues in data retrieval and recognition remains continued owing to its immense voluminous. Image retrieval has been developed into a(More)
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