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This study seeks to empirically investigate specific security characteristics of both open source software and proprietary software. Operating system software vulnerability data spanning several years are collected and analyzed to determine if significant differences exist in terms of inter-arrival times of published vulnerabilities and patch releases. Open(More)
One of the most promising materials for fabricating cold cathodes for next generation high-performance flat panel devices is carbon nanotubes (CNTs). For this purpose, CNTs grown on metallic substrates are used to minimize contact resistance. In this report, we compare properties and field emission performance of CNTs grown via water assisted chemical vapor(More)
Software selection is an important consideration in managing the information security function. Open source software is touted by proponents as being robust to many of the security problems that seem to plague proprietary software. This study empirically investigates specific security characteristics of open source and proprietary operating system software.(More)
Software selection is an important consideration in risk management for information security. Additionally, the underlying robustness and security of a technology under consideration has become increasingly important in total cost of ownership and other calculations of business value. Open source software is often touted as being robust to many of the(More)
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