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Delay in approval (“drug lag”) of new anticancer therapies in Asia has led to increased interest in simultaneous global clinical development inclusive of Asia. Anticancer agents often have a narrow therapeutic window, making characterization of pharmacokinetics (PKs), pharmacodynamics, and safety crucial for maximizing benefit/risk in Asian populations.(More)
Introduction. Researchers' productivity is usually measured in terms of their publication output. A minimum number of publications is required for some medical qualifications and professional appointments. However, authoring an unfeasibly large number of publications might indicate disregard of authorship criteria or even fraud. We therefore examined(More)
Objective Authorship of unfeasibly large numbers of publications may indicate guest authorship, plagiarism, or fabrication (eg, the discredited anesthetist Fujii published 30 trials in 1 year). However, it is difficult to accurately assess an individual’s true publication history in databases such as MEDLINE using searches for author name alone. We(More)
An independent review and audit of pension fund management can help a plan sponsor improve the fund's financial performance. Reviewing a pension fund's management periodically is important to determine if, among other things, the fund's investment policy is reasonable; the fees charged by investment managers, pension consultants, and trustees are(More)
A healthcare organization or system often needs to make capital expenditures to expand or renovate its facilities or to finance other important projects. It may be difficult, however, for an organization to gauge how much of its resources it can afford to commit to capital projects. To help the organization evaluate the feasibility of a capital expenditure,(More)
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