Sanjay Silakari

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With the advancement in image capturing device, the image data been generated at high volume. If images are analyzed properly, they can reveal useful information to the human users. Content based image retrieval address the problem of retrieving images relevant to the user needs from image databases on the basis of low-level visual features that can be(More)
Information is playing an important role in our lives. One of the major sources of information is databases. Databases and database technology are having major impact on the growing use of computers. Almost all IT applications are storing and retrieving information from databases. Retrieving information database requires knowledge of database languages like(More)
Image encryption using chaotic maps has been established a great way. The study shows that a number of functional architecture has already been proposed that utilize the process of diffusion and confusion. However, permutation and diffusion are considered as two separate stages, both requiring image-scanning to obtain pixel values. If these two stages are(More)
The emergence and proliferation of social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and other multimedia networks such as Flickr has been one of the major events of this century. These networks have acquired immense popularity and have become a part of the daily lives of millions of people. Many of these network sites are thus extremely rich in(More)
Image Segmentation is one of basic problem and is an important step in image processing to distinguish important object that is of our interest from unnecessary background substrates. So, quality of this step also affects the subsequent steps of recognition. In this paper, we have compiled Edge detection method, Thresholding method, Region based method, and(More)
In this Paper, the issues pertaining with efficient, fast, cost effective and secured image transmission are addressed in totality. The proposed model employs Compressed Hybrid Cryptosystem constitutes compression, encryption and secured session key exchange along with the transmission of image. In the proposed work, an algorithm has been designed to(More)
This paper addresses about various image compression techniques. On the basis of analyzing the various image compression techniques this paper presents a survey of existing research papers. In this paper we analyze different types of existing method of image compression. Compression of an image is significantly different then compression of binary raw data.(More)
Cyber attack detection is based on assumption that intrusive activities are noticeably different from normal system activities and thus detectable. A cyber attack would cause loss of integrity, confidentiality, denial of resources. The fact is that no single classifier able to give maximum accuracy for all the five classes (Normal, Probe, DOS, U2R and R2L).(More)
Encryption is used to securely transmit data in open networks. Each type of data has its own features; therefore different techniques should be used to protect confidential image data from unauthorized access. The asymmetric cryptography doesn’t fit for transmission of Images, since it takes more time for encryption at the source and likewise for decryption(More)