Sanjay Sharma

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This article presents the results of a study conducted in two phases within a single industry context. The first phase involved comparative case studies to ground the applicability of the resource-based view of the firm within the domain of environmental responsiveness. The second phase involved testing the relationships observed during the case studies(More)
We integrate perspectives from the literature on contingency, dynamic capabilities, and the natural resource-based view oi the firm to propose how dimensions of the general competitive environment of a business will influence the development ol a dynamic, proactive corporate strategy for managing the business-natural environment interface. We also explain(More)
Efficient generation of communication sets and local index sets is important for evaluation of array expressions in scientific languages such as Fortran-90 and High Performance Fortran implemented on distributed-memory machines. We show that for arrays affinely aligned with templates that are distributed on multiple processors with a block-cyclic(More)
In spite of the widespread recognition of the important roles that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play in most economies, limited research has focused on their impacts on the natural environment and the strategies such enterprises adopt to reduce these impacts. It is usually assumed that SMEs lack the resources to implement proactive(More)
Cardiovascular remodelling in the conditioned athlete is frequently associated with physiological ECG changes. Abnormalities, however, may be detected which represent expression of an underlying heart disease that puts the athlete at risk of arrhythmic cardiac arrest during sports. It is mandatory that ECG changes resulting from intensive physical training(More)
AIMS Left-ventricular non-compaction (LVNC) is characterized by excessive and prominent left-ventricular (LV) trabeculations and may be associated with systolic dysfunction in advanced disease. We sought to determine the proportion of patients fulfilling LVNC criteria in an adult population referred to a heart failure clinic using current diagnostic(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a clinical classification system, the Clinical Age-Related Maculopathy Staging (CARMS) system, for age-related maculopathy (ARM) using a simple grading scale designed for clinical practice and clinical research protocols. PARTICIPANTS Two hundred forty-six male and female participants with various stages of ARM who were enrolled(More)
Participation in regular intensive exercise is associated with a modest increase in left ventricular wall thickness (LVWT) and cavity size. The magnitude of these physiological changes is predominantly determined by a variety of demographic factors which include age, gender, size, ethnicity, and sporting discipline. A small minority of male athletes(More)
Pelliccia, Domenico Corrado, Josef Niebauer, N.A. Mark Estes III, Euan Ashley and Victor Frederick Dewey, Roberto Peidro, David Hadley, Jonathan Drezner, Sanjay Sharma, Antonio Abhimanyu Uberoi, Ricardo Stein, Marco V. Perez, James Freeman, Matthew Wheeler, Interpretation of the Electrocardiogram of Young Athletes Print ISSN: 0009-7322. Online ISSN:(More)