Sanjay Shah

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Percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs) of saphenous vein grafts (SVGs) is challenging and is associated with adverse short- and long-term clinical outcome as compared to native coronary arteries. SVG perforation is rare but catastrophic and needs immediate attention. Various factors predisposing for SVG perforation are old degenerated graft, ulcerated(More)
The purpose of the present work is to mask the intensely bitter taste of Itopride HCl and to formulate an Oro dispersible tablet (ODT) of the taste-masked drug by incorporation of microspheres in the tablets for use in specific populations viz. pediatrics, geriatrics and patients experiencing difficulty in swallowing. With this objective in mind,(More)
PURPOSE To establish the efficacy and safety of ex vivo cultured autologous human conjunctival epithelial cell (hCjEC) transplantation for treatment of pterygia. METHODS Twenty-five patients with pterygia were recruited at different centers across the country. Autologous hCjEC grafts were prepared from conjunctival biopsy specimens excised from the(More)
OBJECTIVE The immediate effects of transradial access on the radial artery wall are unknown. In this study we sought to assess the histological changes induced by catheterization on the radial artery. METHODS Thirty-four patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) had radial arteries harvested to serve as bypass conduits. The proximal and(More)
  • Multimedia Ip, Communications, Heta Jasmin Jhaveri, Sanjay Shah
  • 2015
In distributed system, an important challenge faced is the adoption of efficient algorithms for coordinator election. The main role of an elected coordinator is to manage the use of a shared resource in an optimal manner. Among all the algorithms reported in the literature, the Bully and Ring algorithms have gained more popularity. This paper proposes a(More)
  • Deven N Trivedi, Ashish M Kothari, Sanjay Shah, Shingala Nikunj
  • 2015
In this paper we collect some dental radiographs from the internet & doctor's clinic. A mathematical morphology approach is offered to the problem of teeth segmentation. We are presenting human identification by canny algorithm using image processing in MATLAB. We matched all edges of d1 image with other images and the results show that from compare to(More)
ETL (Extraction-Transformation-Loading) process is responsible for extracting data from several sources, cleansing, transforming, integrating and loading into a data warehouse. Extraction process accesses large amount of data by executing several complex queries in source databases. These queries are repetitive and executed at regular interval to refresh(More)