Robert A Mook1
J Zhu1
John J Savarese1
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  • John J Savarese, Matthew R Belmont, Mir A Hashim, Robert A Mook, Eric E Boros, Vicente Samano +8 others
  • 2004
BACKGROUND No replacement for succinylcholine is yet available. GW280430A (AV430A) is a representative of a new class of nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocking drugs called asymmetric mixed-onium chlorofumarates. It undergoes rapid degradation in plasma by chemical hydrolysis and inactivation by cysteine adduction, resulting in a very short duration of(More)
  • A Heilmann, J Werner, D Schwarzenberg, S Henkel, P Grosse, J Zhu +31 others
The average size of the silver nanoparticles, prepared by the method of Kor-gel and co-workers [10], is approximately 5 nm. A solution containing 0.3 g of toluene and 0.5 mg of PS, with approximate molecular weight of 900 000, was then added to 0.5 mg of these silver nanocrystals in a vial. The corresponding volume ratio Ag/PS was estimated to be 0.1. The(More)
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