Sanjay Phadke

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We propose a novel hybrid Hölder-SVM detection algorithm for arrhythmia classification. The Hölder exponents are computed efficiently using the wavelet transform modulus maxima (WTMM) method. The hybrid system performance is evaluated using the benchmark MIT-BIH arrhythmia database. The implemented model classifies 160 of Normal sinus rhythm, 25 of(More)
OBJECTIVE Culture-specific tools to assess longterm psychosocial outcomes for patients with disorders of sexual differentiation are scant. We conducted a study to develop tools for evaluating gender role behavior and health related quality of life for Indian adolescent patients with intersex disorders. We also studied factors important to parents while(More)
BACKGROUND Spiral and comminuted fractures of the metacarpals are rotationally and axially unstable fractures with a tendency to shorten, which in turn causes significant extensor lag and loss of grip strength. We have designed a new, cheap and locally developed method of locked intramedullary nailing of these metacarpal fractures. We are presenting the(More)
We present findings of a questionnaire-based survey for practicing psychiatrists in the state of Maharashtra, India as an effort to understand challenges faced and the strategies adopted while treating women in reproductive age, especially during pregnancy. Participants were asked open-ended questions to cover pre and peri-conceptional period where use of(More)
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