Sanjay Kumar Pal

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The computing power in the few micro processors that are now in a Ford Motor Car is much more than all the computing power that was put in the space vehicle that landed the first men on the moon and brought them back. In today's do-more-with-less business environment, with increasing demands from customers, shareholders, and regulators, the IT organization(More)
Constantly growing demands of high productivity and security of computer systems and computer networks call the interest of specialists in the environment of construction of optimum topologies of computer mediums. In earliest phases of design, the study of the topological influence of the processes that happen in computer systems and computer networks(More)
Face detection method suffered from problem of feature selection process. The feature selection process in pattern recognition and detection play an important role. The current method of face detection system only focus on local, global and neural network process of feature extraction and process for detection. The optimised feature selection process(More)
Modified Grøstl mGrøstl hash function was recently proposed by the authors as an alternative of one of the five finalist of SHA-3 competition namely Grøstl-256. This research paper presents the detailed analysis of algorithm along with performance evaluation of mGrøstl in eBASH project. According to the analysis, paper points out that different performance(More)
A Brain Cancer is very serious disease causing deaths of many individuals. The detection and classification system must be available so that it can be diagnosed at early stages. Cancer classification has been one of the most challenging tasks in clinical diagnosis. At present cancer classification is done mainly by looking through the cells'(More)
The failure to plan will lead to results that fall short of expectations. The same thing can be said of companies and their search for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. All companies undertake the search for a new system because they believe there is an opportunity to improve the organization, either by improving the revenue, decreasing costs(More)
An ERP system is our information backbone and reaches into all areas of our business and value-chain. Replacing it can open unlimited business opportunities. The cornerstone of this effort is finding the right partner and specialist. Our long-term business strategy will form the basis of the criteria for our selection of an ERP system replacement. Our ERP(More)
It has always been tried to represent the different computer network topologies using appropriate graph models. Graphs have huge contributions towards the performance improvement factor of a network. Some major contributors are de-Bruijn, Hypercube, Mesh and Pascal. They had been studied a lot and different new features were always a part of research(More)