Sanjay Kumar Pal

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Constantly growing demands of high productivity and security of computer systems and computer networks call the interest of specialists in the environment of construction of optimum topologies of computer mediums. In earliest phases of design, the study of the topological influence of the processes that happen in computer systems and computer networks(More)
A 57-year-old male patient suffering from Buerger's disease presented with pre-gangrenous changes in right foot and ischemic symptoms in right hand. Computed tomographic angiography revealed diffuse distal disease not suitable for vascular bypass and angioplasty. Right lumbar sympathectomy was done using a retroperitoneal approach followed 1 year later by(More)
s: It has always been tried to represent the different computer network topologies using appropriate graph models. Graphs have huge contributions towards the performance improvement factor of a network. Some major contributors are de-Bruijn, Hypercube, Mesh and Pascal. They had been studied a lot and different new features were always a part of research(More)
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