Sanjay Kumar Malik

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Existing Ontologies in the area of agriculture may be unable to provide individual farmers with desired level of information. Therefore, a framework needs to be built which not only provides relevant but contextual as well as scientifically correct information regarding crop production life cycle. In the proposed research work, AGROVOC is used as base(More)
An integral component of the Semantic Web is the notion of an Ontology. Ontologies which are a means for conceptualizing and structuring knowledge play a key role in the realization of semantic web’s vision of incorporating the machineunderstandable data on the current human-readable web. Ontology Management involves various key issues like:(More)
Medical Image Watermarking has been considered as an appropriate method for enhancing the data security and content verification in medical science. For the purpose of achieving better security it is recommended to hide the data in the medical image itself that will improve the reliability of medical information system. In our paper, the work is divided in(More)
Due to the explosion of information/knowledge on the web and wide use of search engines for desired information,the role of knowledge management(KM) is becoming more significant in an organization. Knowledge Management in an Organization is used to create ,capture, store, share, retrieve and manage information efficiently. The semantic web, an intelligent(More)
Extracting useful information from the web is the most significant issue of concern for the realization of semantic web. This may be achieved by several ways among which Web Usage Mining, Web Scrapping and Semantic Annotation plays an important role. Web mining enables to find out the relevant results from the web and is used to extract meaningful(More)
Today, Internet is a huge database which comprises of a large number of Web sites, search engines and other information. Due to the unstructured and semi structured data in the web pages, it is a challenging task for researchers to make a relevant and efficient search in warehouse of such type of database. Ontology may be a good mechanism for achieving this(More)
In this paper, the proposed work is about to store the patient information in the medical image itself that can be a CT scan or the MRI image. Medical records are extremely sensitive patient information and require uncompromising security during both storage and transmission. In the traditional way, the patient information and patient test reports are kept(More)
As we are aware that for fulfilling the dream of an intelligent web, an Ontology may act as a backbone and it's significance may not be denied for realizing the vision of semantic web to add semantics or computer understandable data to the existing human readable web inorder to facilitate a more efficient knowledge use or reuse on a sharable basis on web.(More)
The Semantic Web is used to get the machine readable descriptions of the information already on the web, in order to improve search and data usage in the huge decentralized environment. It is an efficient proposed way of representing data on the World Wide Web, or as a globally linked database which is distributed in the form of RDF (Resource Description(More)