Sanjay Kumar Jain

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The extensive usage of internet is fundamentally changing the way we live and communicate. Consequently, the requirements of users while browsing internet are changing drastically. Recommender Systems (RSs) provide a technology that helps users in finding relevant contents on internet. Revolutionary innovations in the field of internet and their consequent(More)
The use of internet and Web services is changing the way we use resources and communicate since the last decade. Although, this usage has made life easier in many respects still the problem of finding relevant information persists. A naïve user faces the problem of information overload and continuous flow of new information makes the problem more complex.(More)
With the availability of advanced electronic gadgets like high-quality digital video camera, cell phone etc. there is an explosion of digital videos. When coupled with sophisticated digital video processing techniques there is a good increase in count and quality of tampered video. Video forensic is comparatively a new research domain which comes with many(More)
This paper describes requirements for an integrated supply chain system simulator with the focus on production activities within the system. This paper includes the following contents: (1) Identification of supply chain planning problems over various operational strategies, (2) Operational strategy for supply chain management, and (3) Requirements and(More)
In today's world the life is very fast we want to do everything so quickly and easily without putting much physical and mental effort. With the advancement of technology we are provided with higher level of knowledge through the invention of different devices. However each technological innovation has its pros and cons. One of the emerging devise for(More)
Opinion questions expect answers from opinionated data available on social web. Opinion why-questions require answers to include reasons, elaborations, explanations for the users’ sentiments expressed in the questions. Sentiment analysis has been recently used in answering why type opinion questions. In this paper, we propose an approach to determine the(More)
The doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) is widely used in variable speed wind energy conversion systems (WECS). This paper presents a review on various topologies, configuration, power converters and control schemes used with the operation of the DFIG. The operation of DFIG based on both slip ring and brushless arrangement has been discussed. The grid(More)
A single server waiting line system with Poisson arrivals and Inverse Gaussian service times has been analyzed. The same model has been analyzed by using Mukherjee-Islam (1983) model as the service time model. Inverse Gaussian model has been used in queuing theory but the Mukherjee-Islam model which is basically a failure model has been tested first time as(More)