Sanjay Krishnamurthy

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A number of heuristic algorithms for DAG-based instruction scheduling have been proposed over the past few years. In this paper, we explore the efficiency of three DAG construction algorithms and survey 26 proposed heuristics and their methods of calculation. Six scheduling algorithms are analyzed in terms of DAG construction and heuristic use. DAG(More)
This paper presents results of evaluating the communications capabilities of the generalized hypercube interconnection network. The generalized hypercube has outstanding topological properties, but it has not been implemented on a large scale because of its very high wiring complexity. For this reason, this network has not been studied extensively in the(More)
Anterior midline intracranial cysts may be found most often in three forms: cavum septum pellucidum, cavum vergae, and cavum velum interpositum. A single offering that reviews these entities is difficult to find in the extant literature. Therefore, the present review was performed. Various search engines and germane texts were reviewed for the terms cavum(More)
Uterine perforation has long been regarded as a complication of the insertion of an intra-uterine contraceptive device (IUD). The development of modern devices with sophisticated insertion systems as well as advanced training requirements seeks to minimise the risk of adverse insertion incidents for women choosing intra-uterine contraception. This case(More)
OBJECT During intracranial approaches to the skull base, vascular relationships are important. One relationship that has received scant attention in the literature is that between the superior petrosal sinus (SPS) and the opening of the Meckel cave (that is, the porus trigeminus). METHODS Cadaver dissections were performed in 25 latex-injected adult(More)
The cancer registration system in India, and an appropriate computer program to validate the cancer patient data it generates, are described, with the resource inputs, and outputs of research, training, awareness creation and cancer control, in the context of local health care systems. Computer packages already available mostly address the type of data(More)
The superior petrosal sinus is located between the middle and posterior cranial fossae and is important during many neurosurgical approaches to the skull base. Using standard search engines, the anatomical and clinical importance of the superior petrosal sinus was investigated. The superior petrosal sinus is important in many neurosurgical approaches and(More)
The inferior petrosal sinus is an important component of the cerebral venous system with implications in diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases such as Cushing’s disease, carotid cavernous, and dural arteriovenous fistulas. This manuscript will review the anatomy, embryology, and clinical implications of the inferior petrosal sinus. Knowledge of(More)
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