Sanjay Kr. Singh

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OBJECT Two major criteria are necessary to diagnose cerebral salt wasting (CSW): a cerebral lesion and a large urinary excretion of Na+ and Cl- at a time when the extracellular fluid (ECF) volume is contracted. Nevertheless, it is difficult for the physician to confirm from bedside observation that a patient has a contracted ECF volume. Hyponatremia,(More)
In this paper, we have applied a new feature extraction technique to calculate only twelve directional feature inputs depending upon the gradients. Features extracted from handwritten characters are directions of pixels with respect to their neighboring pixels. These inputs are given to a back propagation neural network with one hidden layer and one output(More)
Despite the relatively high incidence of prostate carcinoma involving the spinal column, those that are associated with spinal intradural extramedullary metastases are rare. The role of surgery for metastases to this spinal compartment is limited and palliative because presentation tends to be late in the course of the disease, particularly for prostate(More)
The authors present their technique of occipital-axis posterior wiring and fusion for atlantoaxial dislocation associated with an occipitalized atlas. The technique consists of drilling a 3 x 1-cm horizontal groove in the occipital bone 1 cm posterior to the foramen magnum and building up a bony bridge along the posterior margin of the foramen magnum. This(More)
OBJECTIVE The current study was designed to explore anxiolytic, antidepressant, and antistress actions of Cinnamomum tamala (CT) leaves (aqueous extract) in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Behavioral procedures of anxiety, depression, and stress were assessed in rats. CT (100, 200, and 400 mg/kg) was given once a daily for 7 days via oral route and the(More)
In this paper, a face recognition system for personal identification and verification using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) with Modified Back Propagation Neural Networks (MBPNN) is proposed. The dimensionality of face image is reduced by the PCA and the recognition is done by the MBPNN. The system consists of a database of a set of facial patterns for(More)