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Synthetic analogues of naturally occurring triterpenoids; glycyrrhetinic acid, arjunolic acid and boswellic acids, by modification of A-ring with a cyano- and enone- functionalities, have been reported. A novel method of synthesis of α-cyanoenones from isoxazoles is reported. Bio-assays using primary mouse macrophages and tumor cell lines indicate potent(More)
We explored the effect of a novel synthetic triterpenoid compound cyano enone of methyl boswellates (CEMB) on various prostate cancer and glioma cancer cell lines. CEMB displayed concentration-dependent cytotoxic activity with submicromolar lethal dose 50% (LD(50)) values in 10 of 10 tumor cell lines tested. CEMB-induced cytotoxicity is accompanied by(More)
In this paper, we have applied a new feature extraction technique to calculate only twelve directional feature inputs depending upon the gradients. Features extracted from handwritten characters are directions of pixels with respect to their neighboring pixels. These inputs are given to a back propagation neural network with one hidden layer and one output(More)
[N-(2-pyridyl)-N'-(4-(un) substituted] thioureas and (substitutedaryl)thiosemicarbazones were synthesised and evaluated for their antibacterial activity. All aryl thiosemicarbazones showed good activity against Aeromonas hydrophilia and Salmonella typhimurium. But none of the pyridyl thioureas showed any prominent activity against tested bacteria.
Triterpenoids are pentacyclic secondary metabolites present in many terrestrial plants. Natural triterpenoids have been reported to exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic activities. Here, we show that modifications of ring A of boswellic acid (2 cyano, 3 enone) resulted in a highly active growth inhibitory, anti-inflammatory, prodifferentiative(More)
In this paper, a face recognition system for personal identification and verification using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) with Modified Back Propagation Neural Networks (MBPNN) is proposed. The dimensionality of face image is reduced by the PCA and the recognition is done by the MBPNN. The system consists of a database of a set of facial patterns for(More)
This paper presents the performance comparison between the various soft computing techniques used for optimization of the PID controllers, implemented for speed control system for a DC motor. PID controllers are extensively used in industrial control because of their simplicity and robustness, but when industrial control is imperilled by external glitches,(More)
The aim of the present study is to develop an environment-friendly method to convert orange pulp wastes to Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) by homogeneous substitution. Carboxymethylation of Orange pulp treated with alkaline PEG solutions was investigated and characterized by means of TGA, DSC, XRD and SEM and compared with commercial CMC. The TGA data reveals(More)
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