Sanjay Gogoi

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OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy and toxicity of 1% silver nitrate, 0.2% povidone iodine and 50% dextrose in renal pelvic instillation sclerotherapy (RPIS) for chyluria. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a prospective randomized comparative study from January 1999 to June 2003, 106 patients (61 males and 45 females; mean age 36 years, sd 12, range 14-65) were(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Because of the prohibitive cost of laparoscopic disposable instruments such as the PneumoSleeve, Endocatch, and vascular staples, laparoscopic live-donor nephrectomy has not gained wide acceptance in many developing countries. To circumvent this problem, we have developed a cost-saving approach, which is described herein and compared(More)
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