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This consensus statement was developed by Special Interest Group - Urticaria (IADVL). Urticaria, a heterogeneous group of diseases, often cannot be recognized by its morphology. Due to non-specific and non-affordable diagnosis, management of urticaria, especially chronic urticaria, is very challenging. This guideline includes definition, causes,(More)
Airborne-contact dermatitis (ABCD) represents a unique type of contact dermatitis originating from dust, sprays, pollens or volatile chemicals by airborne fumes or particles without directly touching the allergen. ABCD in Indian patients has been attributed exclusively by pollens of the plants like Parthenium hysterophorus, etc., but in recent years the(More)
Melanoacanthoma denotes a rare variant of pigmented seborrheic keratosis. A 65-year-old male farmer had pigmented, verrucous, itchy, highly painful, progressively growing irregularly oval plaque on left side of lower back for the past five years. The indurated lesion, measuring maximum diameter 10 cm × 5 cm, had no discharge, bleeding, ulceration, or(More)
Urticaria, a perplexing disease of ever-changing explanations, is being renovated almost everyday by newer facts and findings accumulated from different parts of the globe. Cost of the urticaria treatment gradually grows higher and higher whereas the ailment disturbs the quality of life very adversely. Disorder of coagulation cascade has recently thrown(More)
Chemical leukoderma denotes an acquired hypopigmentation caused by repeated exposure to specific chemical compounds simulating clinically idiopathic vitiligo. The ailment has been increasing in developing countries like India in recent years. Etiologically, a lot of chemicals, especially phenolic group, have been identified in various countries including(More)
A 25-year-old woman patient presented with shortening of fingers with racket nails and numerous yellowish papules over the hands and forearms for 21 years. X-ray of the hands revealed destructive osteolytic changes in all the terminal phalanges. Skin biopsy from the yellowish papules showed epidermal proliferation, perivascular mononuclear infiltrate,(More)
BACKGROUND Psoriasis, a common papulo-squamous disorder of the skin, is universal in occurrence and may interfere with the quality of life adversely. Whether extent of the disease has any bearing upon the patients' psychology has not much been studied in this part of the world. AIMS The objective of this hospital-based cross-sectional study was to assess(More)
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