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—A unified robust multivariable approach to propulsion control design has recently been developed at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Glenn Research Center (GRC). The critical elements of this unified approach are 1) a robust H-infinity control synthesis formulation; 2) a simplified controller scheduling scheme; and 3) a new approach to(More)
Huge volume of data from domain specific applications such as medical, financial, library, telephone, shopping records and individual are regularly generated. Sharing of these data is proved to be beneficial for data mining application. On one hand such data is an important asset to business decision making by analyzing it. On the other hand data privacy(More)
In infrastructure-less opportunistic networks (Oppnets), the routing of messages is a challenging task since nodes are not aware of the network topology and they look for an opportunity to send the message by finding or predicting a best temporary path at each hop towards the destination. As nodes perform various computations for next hop selection, a lot(More)
Since its founding, NASA has been dedicated to the advancement of aeronautics and space science. The NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Program Office plays a key part in helping NASA maintain this important role. The NASA STI Program Office is operated by Langley Research Center, the Lead Center for NASA's scientific and technical information.(More)
Face detection is fundamental step in the process of face recognition. This work presents a robust approach for Face detection. Orthogonal wavelet considerer details of images and its multi-resolution representation. Template making procedure consider lots of face images. After that orthogonal wavelet transform is applied on that each image and make one(More)