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We report a surgical retrieval of an indwelling portion of a traumatic rupture of the Central venous catheter following hair cutting by a confused patient secondary to Postoperative cognitive dysfunction. He had a dynamic compression screw for fixation of fractured neck of femur after previously failed surgical procedure. The second procedure was(More)
Our instruments of detection and measurement, which we have been trained to regard as reened extensions of our senses, are they not like loaded dice, charged as they are with preconceived notions concerning the very things which we are seeking to determine? Is not our scientiic knowledge a colossal, even though unconscious, attempt to counterfeit by number(More)
Background: Fractures of distal tibia and pilon fractures are one of the most common fractures and are difficult to treat on account of, absence of muscle tissue attachment on lower ¼ tibia and metaphyseal can-cellous comminution. Most of them are compound fractures and result in poor blood supply to the distal tibia. The conventional technique of Open(More)
A potentially low-risk surgery to improve hemodynamics and functional class in heart failure patients and others with advanced ventricular dysfunction, dynamic cardiomyoplasty (CMP) has been performed over 1,000 times worldwide. During long-term follow-up, ar-rhythmic sudden cardiac death remains a major cause of death with any advanced medical management(More)
We report an unusual case of simultaneous bilateral anterior glenohumeral fracture dislocation following fall from standing height. A 24 years old male presented with bilateral anterior glenohumeral dislocation with no peripheral motor, sensory or vascular deficit. Closed reduction was done for right glenohumeral dislocation and on left side open reduction(More)
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