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BACKGROUND Among the cells involved in immune and inflammatory responses in periodontal disease, mast cells have been shown to be capable of generating a large number of biologically active substances. Mast cells are mobile, bone-marrow-derived, granule-containing immune cells that are found in all connective tissue and mucosal environments and in the(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical difficulties encountered while treating edentulous patients with atrophic mandibular ridges are legion. Capturing tissue details while making an impression of a resorbed mandibular ridge poses a great clinical challenge. Extending the denture bases adequately to cover all of the available supporting tissues is one of the prime(More)
BACKGROUND Gingival retraction methods are used in dentistry for impressions of subgingival crown margins, such as, mechanical, chemical, chemicomechanical, and surgical. These methods may injure the gingival sulcular epithelium. Hence, the present study is carried out to evaluate the effect of different retraction materials, such as, Expasyl, Magic Foam(More)
BACKGROUND Cytokines play an important role in the pathology associated with chronic inflammatory diseases. Because of pro-inflammatory and neutrophil chemotactic properties, the cytokines like interleukins (IL) may play a significant role in the pathogenesis of periodontitis. The biological effects of IL-8 are relevant in this regard. AIM This study was(More)
A number of commercial methods for identifying dentures are available. They can be either invasive or noninvasive techniques. The less sophisticated procedures include simple engraving with bur, and more sophisticated procedures use labels or chips. Bar coding system is a way of transferring data to the computer and huge data can be stored as a record. Bar(More)
Dental implantology is the state of the art technique to replace missing teeth. Implant stability of implant jeopardizes its longevity and success of treatment. This study evaluates the implant stability of implant before and after 4 months of the implant placement, but before prosthetically loading it. Ten two-stage implants of Life care and Nobel Biocare(More)
Impression making is an essential step of complete denture construction. While many surveys have been done on this topic elsewhere, there are few such surveys in India and none in Gujarat. Aims: The purpose of this study was to survey dental practitioners across the state of Gujarat for complete denture impression materials and techniques. Materials and(More)
Preservation of the natural tooth structure or its strength reinforcement, as far as possible, should always be the prime conservative concern for a dental practitioner, than vigorous replacement of the missing teeth, as Muller De Van rightly quoted. Endodontic treatment often yields up sparse amount of tooth structure, with inadequate coronal bulk, when(More)
Preservation Of Remaining Teeth Should Always Be The Paramount Concern For A Dentist, Than Meticulous Replacement Of The Missing Teeth, As Muller De Van Rightly Stated. Following This Indispensable Principle, It Is Feasible To Fabricate A Prosthesis, Which Leaves An Outlet Window For Remaining Natural Teeth To Emerge Out, Without Hampering The Suction(More)
A severely resorbed edentulous mandibular ridge, although fairly common in occurrence, its rehabilitation poses a challenging clinical situation for the prosthodontist. This has implored prosthodontists to seek for ingenious modifications in the conventional prosthetic forms so as to gratify patient's expectations who have difficulty in wearing the(More)