Sanjay B. Dhok

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The main requirement of compression system in multimedia applications with large image size (more than or equal to 512×512 pixels) is high compression ratio with acceptable visual quality. Fractal image coding is one of the alternatives for high compression rate but due to exhaustive encoding time, it has limited practical applications. In this(More)
The fractal coding is a novel technique for image compression. Though the technique has many attractive features, the large encoding time makes it unsuitable for real time applications. In this paper, an efficient algorithm for fractal encoding which operates on entire domain image instead of overlapping domain blocks is presented.The algorithm drastically(More)
Since JPEG is the de facto image format adopted in most of the digital cameras and image editing software, tampered image will be often a recompressed JPEG image. As JPEG works on 8 by 8 block cosine transform most of the tampering correlation inherited by tampered image may get destroyed, making forgery detection difficult thus it is common practice(More)
The hierarchical clustering is an efficient way to reduce the overall energy consumption within the cluster by performing aggregation and fusion of data. Hence, the amount of transmitting information to the base station is decreased. Clusters create hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) which facilitate efficient utilization of limited resources of(More)
Vinay Kumar , Sanjay B. Dhok , Rajeev Tripathi and Sudarshan Tiwari &4 Department of Electronics Engineering, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India(More)
Usually digital image forgeries are created by copy-pasting a portion of an image onto some other image. Forged area is often resized & rotated to make it proportional with respect to neighboring unforged area. This is called as resampling operation which changes certain characteristics of the pasted portion. Thus resampling is the default fingerprint(More)
Fractal based video compression promises to be an attractive technique due to its resolution independence and high compression property. The fractal video coding takes an advantage of self similarity within a frame and also between the successive frames in a video for compression. A new full search motion estimation algorithm is presented in this paper that(More)
Fractal Compression is a new technique in the field of color and video compression. This technique has grabbed much attention in recent years because of very high compression ratio that can be achieved. It also provides interesting interpolation features to zoom the images. Hybrid schemes incorporating fractal compression and speedup techniques have(More)