Sanjai Saxena

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Genus Muscodor came into existence with the discovery of Muscodor albus, a sterile endophytic fungus that produces a medley of volatile organic moieties possessing strong antimicrobial activity. The current paper reports Muscodor tigerii as a novel endophytic fungus from the stem internal tissue of Cinnamomum camphora growing in the Tiger Hill area of(More)
Muscodor kashayum (MycoBank no.: MB 803800; GenBank no.: KC481680) is a newly described endophytic fungus of a medicinal plant Aegle marmelos (Bael tree), growing in the tropical conserved rainforest in the Western Ghats of India. Muscodor kashayum possesses distinct morphological, molecular and physiological features from the earlier reported Muscodor(More)
Mycoherbicides are exclusive biotechnology products which offer a non-chemical solution to control noxious weeds on the land as well as aquatic in systems, viz a viz saving environment from hazardous impact of synthetic chemicals. The present paper highlights the mycobiota associated with Eichhornia crassipes infesting Harike wetland area of Punjab and(More)
Unfortunately, the Fig. 2 legend was published incorrectly in the original version of the article. The correct Fig. 2 legend is given below: Fig. 2 Screening culture filtrates of endophytic fungal isolates of A. marmelos for fibrinolytic activity. Well id: a–c #1088 AMSTITYEL; d–f #1048 AMSTITYEL, g–i #1095 AMSTITWLS; j–l #1013 AMSTITYEL, m: control Open(More)
Xanthine oxidase is a key enzyme responsible for hyperuricemia, a pre-disposing factor for Gout and oxidative stress-related diseases. Only two clinically approved xanthine oxidase inhibitors Allopurinol and Febuxostat are currently used for treatment of hyper-uricemia. However, owing to their side effects there is a need for new non-purine-based selective(More)
PURPOSE Currently cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the main cause of death worldwide. Disease risk estimates can be used as prognostic information and support for treating CVDs. The commonly used Framingham risk score (FRS) for CVD prediction is outdated for the modern population, so FRS may not be accurate enough. In this paper, a novel CVD prediction(More)
Obesity is the most prevailing disease spread all over the world. Targeting lipid metabolism for the development of anti-obesity drugs is best therapeutic option. Primary drug target is pancreatic lipase which causes degradation of 50–70 % of ingested fat. In the present study cell free extracts of 70 endophytic fungi isolated from medicinal plants of(More)
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