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In a group of 245 cases of primary carcinoma of the esophagus the authors found three cases of adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC). Clinical and pathologic data of those patients (one female and two male; age range, 49-74 years) were analyzed. Tumors were localized in the middle third of the esophagus. One patient lived 15 months after surgery. Another is a case(More)
In the period 1988-1992, 74 consecutive radically resected patients with NSCLC were randomised to postoperative radiotherapy or surgery alone in order to evaluate the influence of postoperative radiotherapy on survival. There were 61 males and 13 females, aged 35-80 years, median 59 years. Their distribution by stage was as follows: pT1N2 = 19, pT2N2 = 54,(More)
This article presents a case of pseudocyst of the pancreas, clinically manifested as a benign tumor of the mediastinum. The cyst had spread from the retroperitoneum into the posterior lower mediastinum behind the oesophagus. The diagnosis was proved by the histological examination of the Wall and by analysis of amylase of the cyst contents, for the(More)
We report the case of a 62-year-old woman who presented with a 2-week history of fever, abdominal pain and ascites. Her serum CA-125 level was very high (1070 U/ml), that in addition to clinical finding and ultrasonography suggested genital malignancy. Unexpectedly, the diagnosis of pelvic-peritoneal tuberculosis was reached by hystopathology after(More)
In seven years we have operated eleven patients with the benign stricture of the distal part of esophagus secondary to the gastroesophageal reflux. We have made Thal's fundoplastic operation in the combination with the fundoplication operation. We are contented with the late results of the operation in eight observed patients. In five cases results of the(More)
From 1963 to 1980, intrathoracic bypass anastomosis was performed in 42 patients with nonresectable esophageal carcinoma. In this study 25 patients are reported on; of these, seven presented with midthoracic and one with lower thoracic esophageal tumor, 13 with carcinoma of the cardia and four with recurrences on the esophagogastric anastomosis. Seven(More)
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