Sanja Milković-Kraus

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The association of age, smoking, alcohol, superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GPx), blood lead (BPb) and cadmium (BCd) levels, and serum levels of copper (SCu), zinc (SZn) and selenium (SSe) with atopic status and ventilatory function was examined in the groups of 166 women and 50 men with no occupational exposure to metals or other(More)
Cytogenetic analysis was carried out in 41 workers prior to and following regular maintenance work in a nuclear power plant. Although film dosimetry did not show the maximal annual permitted dose in any of the examined subjects, cytogenetic analysis carried out following the work detected dicentric chromosomes in peripheral blood lymphocytes of 20 workers.(More)
The purpose of this study was to observe the erythropoietic changes in rats subchronically exposed to radiofrequency microwave (RF/MW) irradiation at nonthermal level. Adult male Wistar rats (N=40) were exposed to 2.45 GHz continuous RF/MW fields for 2 hours daily, 7 days a week, at 5-10 mW/cm2. Exposed animals were divided into four subgroups (n=10 animals(More)
Because of progressive development and extended use of interventional radiology (IR) procedures it is highly recommended that all individuals involved in the process should be aware of the potential for both stochastic and deterministic effects due to occupational exposure. IR procedures are performed in such a manner that certain number of medical staff(More)
BACKGROUND Reports on hypersensitivity reactions to azithromycin associated with therapy or occupational exposure have been rare. OBJECTIVES A case series describing clinical characteristics, diagnostic pathways and risk factors in occupational allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) caused by azithromycin in pharmaceutical workers is presented. (More)
The authors aimed to examine potential relationships between work-related symptoms attributed to sick building syndrome (SBS) and certain psychological, somatic, and environmental factors. The multidisciplinary, cross-sectional study comprised 171 female subjects working in air-conditioned and naturally ventilated nonindustrial office buildings. The authors(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate the difference between the mite fauna in the inland and coastal Croatia. METHODS Ninety-nine floor house dust samples were collected: 28 from the coastal area, 31 from the inland rural and 40 from the inland urban area. Data on basic household characteristics were collected for 81 of 99 households. The(More)
The effect of handling antineoplastic drugs was examined in 42 nurses working in an oncology department, and the same number of nurses not exposed to antineoplastic drugs acted as controls. The exposure effect was evaluated by analysis of sister chromatid exchanges (SCE) incidence and structural chromosomal abnormalities. SCE as well as chromosomal(More)
This study estimated the exposure to dust mites in various occupational environments in Croatia. In total, 29 occupational dust samples were collected: 10 from urban areas (offices, archive of an insurance company, tobacco, paper-recycling, fish-processing and textile plants, animal unit for experimental rats, winery), nine from rural areas (barley, hay,(More)