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The aim of the study was to assess the correlation among particular tennis game elements and match outcomes specifically at Wimbledon and Roland Garros tournaments 2009. Study results showed the winners to differ statistically significantly from the losers in total sample including players from both tournaments in all variables except for those describing(More)
The basic aim of this research was to determine the differences of kinematic parameters in two qualitatively different groups of young pole vaulters. With this purpose, a research was conducted in which the video records from a competition were acquired. The sample of entities (N = 71) consisted of successful vaults of 30 pole vaulters, whose attempts were(More)
The aim of the study was to determine canonic relations between the set of basic motor variables and the set of athletic variables assessing the abilities of sprint, throw and long-distance run adjusted for children aged seven years. Study sample consisted of 635 first-graders from Split elementary schools, divided into groups of 325 male and 310 female(More)
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