Sanja Grubesa

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The efficiency of noise barriers largely depends on their geometry. In this paper, the performance of noise barriers was simulated using the numerical Boundary Element Method (BEM). Traffic noise was particularly considered with its standardized noise spectrum adapted to human hearing. The cross-section of the barriers was varied with the goal of finding(More)
J. Audio Eng. Soc., Vol. 53, No. 9, 2005 September A n analog cassette tape mysteriously appears in the incoming mail of a major newspaper. The tape is purportedly from an answering machine, and the accompanying note claims that it is an original tape containing an extortion attempt by a local business owner who is now running for governor. If the tape is(More)
The method of speaker recognition based on wavelet functions and neural networks is presented in this paper. The wavelet functions are used to obtain the approximation function and the details of the speaker’s averaged spectrum in order to extract speaker’s voice characteristics from the frequency spectrum. The approximation function and the details are(More)
When transmitting high-power digital radio Mondiale (DRM) signal from non-linear transmitters, out-of-band emissions are the critical problem since the emitted spectrum does not satisfy spectral mask defined in relevant standards. Several methods have been developed that minimize out-of-band emissions, based on adding spectrally formed impulses to the(More)
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