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The present study examined the benefits of providing amplified speech to the low- and mid-frequency regions of listeners with various degrees of sensorineural hearing loss. Nonsense syllables were low-pass filtered at various cutoff frequencies and consonant recognition was measured as the bandwidth of the signal was increased. In addition, error patterns(More)
In this paper, the authors report the impact of polycrystalline Si structure on the NMOS transistor performance with a HfSiON/Ni-FUSI (fully silicided) gate. For polycrystalline films, as deposited grain structure was predominantly columnar at heater temperatures 690-730degC, except in the presence of hydrogen where the grains assume a random(More)
  • Jana Golob, Sanja Brus, Mateja Groπelj, Breda BarbiË-Æagar
  • 2012
C ardiovascular disease (CVD) still remains the leading cause of global mortality, accounting for almost 17 million deaths annually 1 and nearly half of all deaths in Europe, i.e. for over 4.3 million deaths each year. 2 The causes of CVD are multifactorial. 3 Research shows that among many risk factors contributing to the development of CVD, dyslipidemia,(More)
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