Sanja Abbott

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TESSA is an experimental system that aims to aid transactions between a deaf person and a clerk in a Post Office by translating the clerk's speech to sign language. A speech recogniser recognises speech from the clerk and the system then synthesizes the appropriate sequence of signs in British Sign language (BSL) using a specially-developed avatar. By using(More)
CONTEXT There are no effective pharmacotherapies for stimulant dependence but there are many plausible targets for development of novel therapeutics. We hypothesized that dopamine-related targets are relevant for treatment of stimulant dependence, and there will likely be individual differences in response to dopaminergic challenges. OBJECTIVE To measure(More)
BACKGROUND Compulsivity is a hallmark of drug addiction and in animal models is measured by consecutive incorrect responses to a previously rewarded stimulus during reversal learning. The aim of this study was to measure behavioral and neural markers of compulsivity in stimulant-dependent individuals and to test whether these markers could be modulated by(More)
Patients with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) demonstrate impaired cognition in some selected domains. Although serotoninergic dysfunction has been implicated in OCD, recent evidence suggests that dopamine may play a role as well. The aim of the study was to evaluate learning and working memory in OCD and to determine the effects of dopaminergic(More)
BACKGROUND Premature responding is a form of motor impulsivity that preclinical evidence has shown to predict compulsive drug seeking but has not yet been studied in humans. We developed a novel translation of the task, based on the rodent 5-choice serial reaction time task, testing premature responding in disorders of drug and natural food rewards. (More)
Drug and alcohol dependence are global problems with substantial societal costs. There are few treatments for relapse prevention and therefore a pressing need for further study of brain mechanisms underpinning relapse circuitry. The Imperial College Cambridge Manchester (ICCAM) platform study is an experimental medicine approach to this problem: using(More)
BACKGROUND Infectious diseases are the most common and cost-intensive health complications associated with drug addiction. There is wide belief that drug-dependent individuals expose themselves more regularly to disease-related pathogens through risky behaviors such as sharing pipes and needles, thereby increasing their risk for contracting an infectious(More)
The stop signal task is a widely used tool for assessing inhibitory motor control. Two main task variants exist: (1) a fixed delay version, where all volunteers complete the same trials, resulting in performance differences due to individual variation in inhibitory capacity, and (2) a performance-adjusted version that uses a tracking algorithm to equate(More)
The design, development and evaluation of an experimental translation system that aims to aid transactions between a deaf person and a clerk in a Post Office is described. The system uses a speech recognizer to recognize speech from the Post Office clerk and then synthesizes the recognized phrase in British Sign language (BSL) using a specially developed(More)
CamBAfx is a workflow application designed for both researchers who use workflows to process data (consumers) and those who design them (designers). It provides a front-end (user interface) optimized for data processing designed in a way familiar to consumers. The back-end uses a pipeline model to represent workflows since this is a common and useful(More)
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