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Several semi-supervised learning methods have been proposed to leverage unlabeled data, but imbalanced class distributions in the data set can hurt the performance of most algorithms. In this paper, we adapt the new approach of contrast classifiers for semi-supervised learning. This enables us to exploit large amounts of unlabeled data with a skewed(More)
Access to graphical images (bar charts, diagrams, line graphs, etc.) that are in a tactile form (representation through which content can be accessed by touch) is inadequate for students who are blind and take mathematics, science, and engineering courses. We describe our analysis of the current work practices of tactile graphics specialists who create(More)
Fulfilling the promise of a web-enabled global community means enabling blind web users to access their information and collaborative web services wherever they happen to be on whatever computer to which they happen to have access. Whether they're checking their email at a local internet café, using an airport kiosk to connect with a new business(More)
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