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As an effort to develop therapeutics for cancer treatments, a number of effective histone deacetylase inhibitors with structural diversity have been discovered. To gain insight into optimizing the activity of an identified lead compound, a computational protocol sequentially involving homology modeling, docking experiments, molecular dynamics simulation,(More)
The discovery of selective cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors represents a major achievement of the efforts over the past few decades to develop therapeutic treatments for inflammation. To gain insights into designing new COX-2-selective inhibitors, we address the energetic and structural basis for the selective inhibition of COX isozymes by means of a(More)
The freezing of liquid water into ice was studied inside a gap of nanometer spacing under the control of electric fields and gap distance. The interfacial water underwent a sudden, reversible phase transition to ice in electric fields of 10(6) V m(-1) at room temperature. The critical field strength for the freezing transition was much weaker than that(More)
Accurate estimation of construction production, which is composed of productivity and unit costs, allows construction planners and managers to have excellent control over current processes and to correctly predict the production of similar projects in the future. Due to the need for accurate production estimation, selection of the appropriate construction(More)
A fully integrated low-IF GPS receiver with minimum external components is implemented in a 65nm CMOS process. It has an integrated LNA and an active complex bandpass filter with a switchable signal bandwidth of 2MHz or 6 MHz to achieve the SNR improvement. To reduce power consumption, the current reusing method and current mode interface technique using a(More)
Based on the optimized Rouse-Zimm (ORZ) approximation to the Kirkwood diffusion equation, we investigate the effects of excluded volume interactions on the single chain dynamics. By incorporating the nonuniformly expanded moments of interbead distances into the expressions for the diffusion and structure matrices appearing in the ORZ diffusion equation, we(More)
Summary form only given. This paper presents a direct conversion Korean standard T-DMB SoC tuner using a 65nm low power CMOS technology with the best feature of size, power and BoM ever reported. A digital F/E enhanced function is implemented to reduce analog signal processing empowered by oversampled A/D converter, digital channel selection filter and lots(More)
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