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Current work in Simultaneous Multithreading provides little benefit to programs that aren't partitioned into threads. We propose Simultaneous Subordinate Microthreading (SSMT) to correct this by spawning subordinate threads that perform optimizations on behalf of the single primary thread. These threads, written in microcode, are issued and executed(More)
The integration of electronically active oxide components onto silicon circuits represents an innovative approach to improving the functionality of novel devices. Like most semiconductor devices, complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor image sensors (CISs) have physical limitations when progressively scaled down to extremely small dimensions. In this paper,(More)
High-performance processors tolerate latency using out-of-order execution. Unfortunately , today's processors are facing memory latencies in the order of hundreds of cycles. To tolerate such long latencies, out-of-order execution requires an instruction window that is unreasonably large, in terms of design complexity, hardware cost, and power consumption.(More)
A stencil lithography technique has been developed to fabricate organic-material-based electronic devices with sub-micron resolution. Suspended polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) membranes were used as shadow masks for defining organic channels and top electrodes. Arrays of pentacene field effect transistors (FETs) with various channel lengths from 50 μm down to(More)
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