Sangwook Han

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This report examines optical CDMA communication techniques with optical orthogonal codes. Simulations that show the desired properties of theses codes and their use in optical CDMA are reported. Based on the simulations, we investigate the properties of optical CDMA. Proba bility of error is also evaluated.
In this paper we introduce a wireless power transfer scheme using resonant inductive coupling for 3DICs to enhance power transfer efficiency and power transfer density with smaller coils. Numerical analysis and optimal conditions are presented for both power transfer efficiency and density. HFSS simulation results are shown to verify the theoretical(More)
A high power density wireless inductive power link targeting 3D-ICs and wireless testing is implemented in 65nm CMOS. Its operating frequency is 3.5GHz, the optimal frequency from the trade-off between delivered power and power loss. The link exploits high-Q inductors and resonant inductive coupling to boost the received voltage and maximize the delivered(More)
About 42% of total of power system loads are massed in the metropolitan area in the Korean power system, but there are only about 20% of total generations in high cost. In addition, most generators are located in the nonmetropolitan area in low cost. Thus, most power transfers non-metropolitan area to metropolitan area, through the several interface lines.(More)
A signal boosting scheme for wireless inductive interconnects in 3D-ICs is proposed. It enables longer distance communication through multiple-stacked layers without increasing coil size by using in-phase resonant inductive coupling and regenerative oscillation. Measurement results show the received signal is improved by 16dB compared to a conventional(More)
The proximity effect of tungsten-filled through-silicon-vias (TSVs) on the threshold voltage and mobility of CMOS devices due to mismatch in thermal expansion coefficients is modeled and verified with measurements. Test structures fabricated in a two-layer 130-nm CMOS 3-D integrated circuit process are measured and compared with 3-D finite element method(More)
Load modeling has a significant influence on power system analysis and control. In recent years, measurement-based load modeling has been widely practiced. In the load modeling algorithm, the model structure is determined and the parameters of the established model are estimated. For parameter estimation, least-squares optimization method is applied. The(More)
As the demands on high performance and multi-function systems increase, System-inPackage (SIP) provides a method for increasing integration with a reasonable cost and short development time. SIP using vertically stacked (3D) ICs has the advantages of a small form-factor and short communication distance between chips, leading to increased data rate and(More)