Sangwook Bae

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An unclonable, fingerprint-mimicking anti-counterfeiting strategy is presented that encrypts polymeric particles with randomly generated silica film wrinkles. The generated wrinkle codes are as highly unique as human fingerprints and are technically irreproducible. Superior to previous physical unclonable functions, codes are tunable on demand and generable(More)
Caching similar videos transparently in a network is a cost-effective solution that potentially reduces redundant data transfers. Recent study shows that network redundancy elimination (NRE) on the content level could produce high bandwidth savings in ISPs. However, we find that blindly employing existing NRE techniques to video contents could lead to(More)
The parallelization of microfluidic cytometry is expected to lead to considerably enhanced throughput enabling point-of-care diagnosis. In this article, the development of a microfluidic potentiometric multichannel cytometer is presented. Parallelized microfluidic channels sharing a fluid path inevitably suffer from interchannel signal crosstalk that(More)
IPv6 has been developed to deal with the increase in number of hosts in the Internet. IPv6 address can be assigned to any network devices. IPv6 provides new function called SLAAC (Stateless Address Auto Configuration). SLAAC is a significant feature for host itself generating and configuring own addresses to enable communication. But this feature has(More)
The recent emerging concept in the networking world is known as SDN (Software-Defined Network). SDN architecture introduced the new methods of network management and configuration. It makes underlying networking devices as simply just packet forwarding units and leaving the control logic on centralized software program to dictate the entire network(More)
Sophisticated three-dimensional (3D) structures found in nature are self-organized by bottom-up natural processes. To artificially construct these complex systems, various bottom-up fabrication methods, designed to transform 2D structures into 3D structures, have been developed as alternatives to conventional top-down lithography processes. We present a(More)
Recent Location Based Services (LBS) is defined and studied in various fields including mobile telecom and ubiquitous computing for their convergence services nature. Also, there are an increasing number of cases in which satellite-based LBS are provided to various application fields such as emergency rescue, logistics control, navigation, and telematics(More)
We present a content-based caching architecture for scalable MMT video delivery. Our architecture places a caching proxy in the path between an MMT server and its clients. Between an MMT server and a caching proxy, we exploit the popular HTTP protocol to reliably synchronize the video contents by their fragments while the caching proxy delivers the MMT(More)