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We developed a chemical route to produce graphene nanoribbons (GNR) with width below 10 nanometers, as well as single ribbons with varying widths along their lengths or containing lattice-defined graphene junctions for potential molecular electronics. The GNRs were solution-phase-derived, stably suspended in solvents with noncovalent polymer(More)
The mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae, and its fungal associates are devastating the lodgepole pine forests in British Columbia, Canada. During our fungal survey, an unknown Leptographium species has been consistently isolated from both D. ponderosae and infested lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta var. latifolia). This Leptographium species has(More)
The GXGD proteases are polytopic membrane proteins with catalytic activities against membrane-spanning substrates that require a pair of aspartyl residues. Representative members of the family include preflagellin peptidase, type 4 prepilin peptidase, presenilin and signal peptide peptidase. Many GXGD proteases are important in medicine. For example, type 4(More)
Wearable health monitoring systems coupled with wireless communications are the bedrock of an emerging class of sensor networks: wireless body area networks (WBANs) [1–7]. Such networks have myriad applications, including diet monitoring, detection of activity or posture, and health crisis support. This article focuses on the KNOWME network, which targets(More)
The use of biometric sensors for monitoring an individual’s health and related behaviors, continuously and in real time, promises to revolutionize healthcare in the near future. In an effort to better understand the complex interplay between one’s medical condition and social, environmental, and metabolic parameters, this article presents the(More)
Wireless sensor networks offer an attractive choice for lowcost and easy-to-deploy solutions for intelligent traffic guidance systems and parking lot applications. In this paper, we propose the use of a combination of magnetic and ultrasonic sensors for accurate and reliable detection of vehicles in a parking lot. We describe a modified version of the(More)
Secure and reliable group communication is an increasingly active research area by growing popularity in group-oriented and collaborative application. One of the important challenges is to design secure and efficient group key management. While centralized management is often appropriate for key distribution in large multicast-style groups, many(More)
Detecting manipulated images has become an important problem in many domains (including medical imaging, forensics, journalism and scientific publication) largely due to the recent success of image synthesis techniques and the accessibility of image editing software. Many previous signal-processing techniques are concerned about finding forgery through(More)
Leptographium pyrinum, Leptographium terebrantis, Ophiostoma aureum, Ophiostoma clavigerum, and Ophiostoma robustum are very similar in morphology, host trees choice, and the way they are disseminated by bark beetles. Their phylogenetic relationships were clarified using rDNA and protein coding genes including actin, beta-tubulin, and translation elongation(More)