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Artificial bandwidth extension using deep neural network-based spectral envelope estimation and enhanced excitation estimation
The objective and subjective evaluations confirm that the proposed ABE system provides better speech quality than AMR at the same bit rate. Expand
Exact performance analysis of M-ary QAM with MRC diversity in Rician fading channels
The exact expression of symbol error rate (SER) is derived for coherent square M-ary quadrature amplitude modulation (M-QAM) using Lth order maximal-ratio combining (MRC) diversity in Rician fadingExpand
Low-complexity predictive trellis-coded quantization of speech line spectral frequencies
Low-complexity block-constrained trellis coded quantization (BC-TCQ) structures are studied, and a predictive BC-TCQ encoding method is developed for quantization of line spectrum frequency (LSF)Expand
Low-complexity predictive trellis coded quantization of wideband speech LSF parameters
In this paper, low-complexity block-constrained trellis coded quantization (BC-TCQ) structures are introduced, and a predictive BC-TCQ encoding method is developed for quantization of line spectrumExpand
Deep neural network-based linear predictive parameter estimations for speech enhancement
This study presents a speech enhancement technique to improve noise corrupted speech via deep neural network (DNN)-based linear predictive (LP) parameter estimations of speech and noise through enhanced estimation using a DNN with multiple layers. Expand
Safety-net pyramid VQ of LSF parameters for wideband speech codecs
The authors propose a predictive pyramid VQ (PPVQ) that uses the safety-net concept to quantise the LSF parameters of wideband speech. A first-order auto-regressive (AR) predictor is used to predictExpand
A Fast Encoding Technique for Vector Quantization of LSF Parameters
A reduction in VQ encoding complexity is achieved by using a preliminary test that reduces the necessary codebook search range by 44.50% for the enhanced variable rate codec (EVRC) encoding algorithm. Expand
Flexible spectrum coding in the 3GPP EVS codec
A flexible encoding technique based on multi-stage multiple scale lattice vectors quantization and block-constrained trellis coded vector quantization used for the spectrum encoding and incorporated in the recently standardized 3GPP EVS codec is proposed. Expand
Designing Algebraic Trellis Code as a New Fixed Codebook Module for ACELP Coder
In this paper, a block-constrained trellis coded quantization (BC-TCQ) algorithm is combined with an algebraic codebook to produce an algebraic trellis code (ATC) to be used in ACELP coding. In ATC,Expand
Bandwidth extension of G.729 speech coder using search-free codebook mapping
A search-free codebook mapping algorithm for bandwidth extension in G.729 compressed domain is introduced and its performance was assessed via the perceptual evaluation of speech quality, spectral distortion, informal listening tests, and weighted million operations per second (WMOPS) calculations. Expand