Sangwan Lee

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The porphyrazines (pzs) are a class of porphyrin derivatives being studied for their use as optical imaging agents and photodynamic therapy (PDT) anti-tumor agents. A previous study revealed that the anionic pz, 18--of the form H2[pz(An;B4-n)], where A is [S(CH2)3CO2-], B is a fused beta',beta'-diisopropyloxy benzo group, with n=2 (trans)--selectively(More)
Previous reports of unusual dual fluorescence in several porphyrazines proposed for use in photodynamic therapy and biomedical imaging have been re-examined. The blue-violet emissions previously assigned to S2-S0 fluorescence of these porphyrazines are shown to exhibit fluorescence excitation spectra that do not coincide with their absorption spectra, and(More)
In an effort to develop effective new optical contrast agents, we report the synthesis of porphyrazines (pzs) of the form H(2)[pz(A(4-n);C(n))], n = 1, and 2 (trans-), where "A" represents peripheral heteroatom (S- and O-) R-groups and "C" is a fused, beta,beta'-diisopropyloxynaphtho group. The sulfide appended trans-H(2)[pz(A(2);C(2))] pz (7) has the(More)
Porphyrazines (pzs), or tetraazaporphyrins, can be viewed as porphyrinic macrocycles in which the porphyrin meso (CH) groups are replaced by nitrogen atoms; as such, it can be anticipated that pzs would show similar biocompatibility and biodistribution to those of porphyrins. However, distinctive chemical and physical features of the pzs differentiate them(More)
Three novel classes of porphyrazine-like structures were synthesized to form modular structures in which lipophilicity and water solubility can be tuned. Subtle modification of solubility is an important criterion in selecting a compound for biological photosensitization. The general structure takes the form H2[pz(AnB4-n)], where the core is a porphyrazine(More)
The porphyrazines (pzs), a class of porphyrin analogues, are being investigated for their potential use as tumor imaging/therapeutic agents. We here examine six peripherally-functionalized M[pz(AnB4-n)] pzs with n=4, 3, or 2 (in a trans conformation) and M = H2 or Zn, where A is an [S((CH2)2O)4Me]2 unit and B is a fused beta,beta'-diisopropyloxybenzo group.(More)
We report the quantum yields for singlet oxygen production by a series of porphyrazines (pz) of the form M[pz(An;B4-n)] (Scheme 1), where the peripheral substituent A is [S-R]2 with R = (CH2CH2O)3H, B is a fused alpha,alpha'-dialkoxybenzo group and M = 2H, Mg or Zn. These compounds show intense near-IR absorbance/emission (longest wavelength emission,(More)
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