Sangsuree Vasupongayya

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To balance performance goals and allow administrators to declaratively specify high-level performance goals, we apply complete search algorithms to design on-line job scheduling policies for workloads that run on parallel computer systems. We formulate a hierarchical two-level objective that contains two goals commonly placed on parallel computer systems:(More)
Fairness is an important issue for parallel job scheduling policies, but has been ignored in most of previous studies. In this paper, we consider two different styles of job fairness: FCFS and EQ. Commonly used summary statistics are applied to different job measures to evaluate the fairness under a wide range of non-preemptive parallel job scheduling(More)
— To balance multiple scheduling performance requirements on parallel computer systems, traditional job schedulers are configured with many parameters for defining job or queue priorities. Using many parameters seems flexible, but in reality tuning their values is highly challenging. To simplify resource management, we propose goal-oriented policies , which(More)
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