Sangsik Park

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DOI: 10.1002/adma.201501408 Here, we describe the fi rst highly sensitive, wearable, and multimodal all-carbon skin sensors using hierarchically engineered elastic carbon nanotube (CNT) fabrics, which is capable of simultaneously and effectively sensing external multi-stimuli such as tactile, touch, temperature, humidity, and even biological variables in a(More)
A highly sensitive pressure sensor based on printed organic transistors with three-dimensionally self-organized organic semiconductor microstructures (3D OSCs) was demonstrated. A unique organic transistor with semiconductor channels positioned at the highest summit of printed cylindrical microstructures was achieved simply by printing an organic(More)
In the operation of an optical mouse sensor, amplification of signal charge is necessary since low power dissipation and high speed are important. 3 kinds of structure of photo transistor were proposed to get high amplification gain. The performances were verified using 18pixel × 18pixel image sensor. The image sensor was manufactured using 0.18(More)
An artificial ionic mechanotransducer skin with an unprecedented sensitivity over a wide spectrum of pressure by fabricating visco-poroelastic nanochannels and microstructured features, directly mimicking the physiological tactile sensing mechanism of Piezo2 protein is demonstrated. This capability enables voice identification, health monitoring, daily(More)
A charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor operating with 3.0 V-reset has been developed using a charge injection to the gate dielectrics of a MOS structure. A DC bias generating circuit was added to the reset structure, which sets reference voltage and holds the signal charge to be detected. The generated Dc bias is added to the reset pulse to give an(More)
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