Sangsik Kim

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—This paper discusses a technique for analyzing real data from flash memory cells. The goal is to identify and isolate various sources that cause the shifts and variations of the read values with respect to the intended write values. The analysis reveals how the neighboring cells interfere with the victim cell. Using the proposed analysis technique, the(More)
—Given the limited set of empirical input/output data from flash memory cells, we describe a technique to statistically analyze different sources that cause the mean-shifts and random fluctuations in the read values of the cells. In particular, for a given victim cell, we are able to quantify the amount of interference coming from any arbitrarily chosen set(More)
This paper provides statistical analysis on real data taken from state-of-the-art MLC NAND flash memory cells. The analysis allows separation of different sources affecting the output values of the cell. Interference due to floating gate coupling is isolated. The effect of noise and interference on the victim cell after repeated program/erase cycles as well(More)
It is well known that polyelectrolyte complexes and coacervates can form on mixing oppositely charged polyelectrolytes in aqueous solutions, due to mainly electrostatic attraction between the oppositely charged polymers. Here, we report the first (to the best of our knowledge) complexation and coacervation of two positively charged polyelectrolytes, which(More)
The main impediment to medical application of biomaterial-based adhesives is their poor wet adhesion strength due to hydration-induced softening and dissolution. To solve this problem, we mimicked the wound healing process found in tunicates, which use a nanofiber structure and pyrogallol group to heal any damage on its tunic under sea water. We fabricated(More)
We tried to explore the possibility of using deformation-based interaction as a new input method to remote control. We selected eight basic commands to control TV and design deformation-based gestures for each command based on prior studies regarding organic user interface. A prototype, the FlexRemote, was made and tested by informal user study. The study(More)
— An access to digital signage displaying contents with a mobile phone has been in the limelight to improve advertising effects of the digital signage. There have been developed several methods to transfer digital signage contents to a mobile phone, but these methods are still lack of the cognitive convenience for users. In this paper, we design a novel(More)
Hydrogel systems based on cross-linked polymeric materials which could provide both adhesion and cohesion in wet environment have been considered as a promising formulation of tissue adhesives. Inspired by marine mussel adhesion, many researchers have tried to exploit the 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) molecule as a cross-linking mediator of synthetic(More)
Adhesive systems in many marine organisms are postulated to form complex coacervates (liquid-liquid phase separation) through a process involving oppositely charged polyelectrolytes. Despite this ubiquitous speculation, most well-characterized mussel adhesive proteins are cationic and polyphenolic, and the pursuit of the negatively charged proteins required(More)