Sangpil Yoon

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Clutter noise is an important challenge in photocoustic (PA) and ultrasound (US) imaging as they degrade the image quality. In this paper, the short-lag spatial coherence (SLSC) imaging technique is used to reduce clutter and side lobes in PA images. In this technique, images are obtained through the spatial coherence of PA signals at small spatial(More)
The mechanical properties of ex vivo animal lenses from three groups were evaluated: old bovine (25-30 mo old, n = 4), young bovine (6 mo old, n = 4) and young porcine (6 mo old, n = 4) eye globes. We measured the dynamics of laser-induced microbubbles created at different locations within the crystalline lenses. An impulsive acoustic radiation force was(More)
Extracellular matrix proteins such as fibronectin (FNT) play crucial roles in cell proliferation, adhesion, and migration. For better understanding of these associated cellular activities, various microscopic manipulation tools have been used to study their intracellular signaling pathways. Recently, it has appeared that acoustic tweezers may possess(More)
An approach for the design of an impedance matching network (IMN) for high frequency ultrasonic transducers with large apertures based on impedance analysis for cellular applications is presented in this paper. The main objectives were to maximize energy transmission from the excitation source to the ultrasonic transducers for cell manipulation and to(More)
A transducer with an angled and focused aperture for intravascular ultrasound imaging has been developed. The acoustic stack for the angled-focused transducer was made of PMN-PT single crystal with one matching layer, one protective coating layer, and a highly damped backing layer. It was then press-focused to a desired focal length and inserted into a thin(More)
A dual-element needle transducer for intravascular ultrasound imaging has been developed. A low-frequency element and a high-frequency element were integrated into one device to obtain images which conveyed both low- and high-frequency information from a single scan. The low-frequency element with a center frequency of 48 MHz was fabricated from the single(More)
We describe how contactless high-frequency ultrasound microbeam stimulation (HFUMS) is capable of eliciting cytoplasmic calcium (Ca(2+)) elevation in human umbilical vein endothelial cells. The cellular mechanotransduction process, which includes cell sensing and adaptation to the mechanical micro-environment, has been studied extensively in recent years. A(More)
Using a microbubble-based acoustic radiation force approach, spatial variations of Young's modulus and shear viscosity of the porcine vitreous humors in two groups--young pigs (6 months old) and mature pigs (2 to 3 years old)--were measured in situ. The measurements in these groups (4 specimens in each group) were performed in several positions along an(More)
Single-cell analysis is essential to understand the physical and functional characteristics of cells. The basic knowledge of these characteristics is important to elucidate the unique features of various cells and causative factors of diseases and determine the most effective treatments for diseases. Recently, acoustic tweezers based on tightly focused(More)
Efficient intracellular delivery of biologically active macromolecules has been a challenging but important process for manipulating live cells for research and therapeutic purposes. There have been limited transfection techniques that can deliver multiple types of active molecules simultaneously into single-cells as well as different types of molecules(More)