Sangmun Shin

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A new experimental design methodology was developed by integrating the response surface methodology and the time series modeling. The major purposes were to identify significant factors in determining swelling and release rate from matrix tablets and their relative factor levels for optimizing the experimental responses. Properties of tablet swelling and(More)
Robust design (RD) and tolerance design (TD) have received much attention from researchers and practitioners for more than two decades, and a number of methodologies for modeling and optimizing the RD and TD processes have been studied. However, there is ample room for improvement. Because most existing research considers RD and TD as separate research(More)
A robust experimental design method was developed using a response surface methodology and models to facilitate the development process of retinol solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs). The SLNs were evaluated to determine how different parameters including lipid and surfactant affect size and encapsulation efficiency. This was conducted using factorial analysis(More)
Even though polyethyleneoxide (PEO)-polyethyleneglycol (PEG) blends have been used widely for sustained release matrix tablets, evaluations of the effects of PEG or PEO on the matrix properties have been limited. In order to evaluate gelling behavior and drug release profiles of PEG, various contents of the polymers were investigated through a robust(More)
In many scientific and engineering fields, there are a number of data sets uncontrollable and hard to handle because the nature of measurement of a performance variable may often be destructive or very expensive, which are known as sets of noise factors. Although these noise factors, which may not be controlled by manufacturing and cost reasons, are merged(More)
Data mining (DM) has emerged as one of the key features of many applications on information system. While Data Analysis (DA) represents a significant advance in the type of analytical tools currently available, there are limitations to its capability. In order to address one of the limitations on the DA capabilities of identifying a causal relationship, we(More)
Most data mining (DM) methods reviewed in literature for the factor selection may obtain a number of input factors associated with the interesting response without providing the detailed information, such as relationship between the input factors and response, statistical inferences, and analysis. These DM methods also may not discuss the robustness of(More)
For the efficient management of radio resources, a scientific/systematic management system using an engineering approach based on cost-benefit analysis needs to be prepared. In forecasting market competition and demand for various services provided by frequency band, it should be considered necessary to enhance the reliability of forecasting data using the(More)