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Macaque monkeys are good sentinel to humans for environmental pollutions because their similarities in genetic and physiological characteristics. So, their reference values about exposures to heavy metals are required for proper data interpretation. Here, we report several heavy metals concentrations in the hair of rhesus monkeys which are widely used in(More)
Although the liver is the most common site for pancreatic islet transplantation, it is not optimal. We compared kidney, liver, muscle, and omentum as transplantation sites with regard to operative feasibility, and the efficiency of implantation and glycemic control. Islets from C57BL/6 mice were transplanted into diabetic syngeneic recipients. The mean(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although MRI may provide much information on brain pathology to aid in patient selection for thrombolysis, the concern remains that MRI screening may increase time-to-treatment. We hypothesized that CT-plus-MRI screening might be a valuable time-efficient alternative for selection of patients requiring thrombolysis. METHODS We(More)
This work presents the mechanical design, implementation and evaluation of an MR-compatible hand exoskeleton that provides real-time monitoring of the joint angle, angular velocity and joint force produced by the MCP joint of the four fingers in an fMRI scanner. For force measurement, a novel optical type force sensor has been designed and implemented. The(More)
A 3.4 year-old rhesus macaque weighing 4.5 kg, was suffering from anorexia, acute mucous and bloody diarrhea. On physical examination, the monkey showed a loss of activity, hunched posture, abdominal pain, dehydration, mild gingivitis and unclean anus with discharge. Whole blood was collected for the examination of electrolytes, hematology and serum(More)
Previous pattern recognition algorithms using surface electromyography (sEMG) have been developed for subsets of predefined hand movements without considering muscle structure. In order to decode hand movements, it is important to know which movements are appropriate for PR due to the different independence of movements between individuals and the high(More)
Tailoring of semiconducting metal oxide nanostructures, which possess controlled pore size and concentration, is of great value to accurately detect various volatile organic compounds in exhaled breath, which act as potential biomarkers for many health conditions. In this work, we have developed a very simple and robust route for controlling both the size(More)